Services and Payment

Adult Outpatient Counseling Services

Adult Outpatient Counseling Services

I work exclusively with adults, age 18 and older, in outpatient psychotherapy. Sessions are 50 minutes, though this can be extended upon request or recommendation. The initial visit includes brief but necessary signing of documents, including review of privacy rights. Depending on your reason for seeking treatment, it may also include a clinical assessment to determine needs, diagnose symptoms, and provide referrals.

Individual Therapy

The foundation of individual therapy is the safety and privacy of the environment. This gets to feel different from any other place and relationship in your life…a sacred space of non-judgement. Because there will be no other social interaction between us – I am your counselor, and only your counselor – you’re free to focus entirely on your needs. At its best, the experience reflects relationships you may hope to build in your life…equal, respectful, and helpful partnership. The aim is to improve quality and authenticity in your life, and your therapy will be tailored to fit your unique goals. As we work, you may also choose to invite others into one or more of your sessions, such as loved ones who will benefit from insight into your needs.

Partner Therapy only as a Supplement for Individuals: Couples, Friends, Colleagues

Though I no longer offer partner therapy as an independent service,  my individual clients are welcome to invite in another adult for short-term focus on an issue as part of the individual counseling. This is offered on a case-by-case basis when it may aid the individual’s overall journey and also benefit the peer. Examples include education on symptom management and conflict resolution for romantic couples, other adult family members, friends, and work colleagues. It’s my joy to work with relationships of any gender, race, culture, or lifestyle. Sessions are solution-focused to create observable change in the dynamic, and my primary goal is to support each person with balance and respect. When longer-term joint sessions are more appropriate, I’m happy to offer a referral.

Partner Therapy


Hypnosis may be offered as a supplement during individual therapy, as well as an independent and short-term service. These sessions are unique in that they focus the entire visit on a very specfic need and will be discussed and designed ahead of time. A minimum of three sessions is recommended for best results, as well as self-hypnosis exercises done daily between sessions. Please see the Focus and Methods page for a brief explanation of how hypnosis works, and note that insurance won’t cover it as yet, though it reimburses the more informal technique of guided visualization. Because these sessions are tailor-made for you and require my outside preparation, they’re not eligible for typical sliding scale payments, instead offered as a set-price, prepaid package. As you can see, this invites you to already be highly committed to making a positive change which is part of how hypnosis works! I absolutely love educating about this classic technique and will help you decide if it’s a good fit for you.

“I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”
Pablo Picasso

Payment Options

Private Pay

Full out-of-pocket payments or co-pays are made at the end of each session with the option of personal check, cash, or credit/debit card (with a 3.99% processing fee). I’m able to accept most HSA cards, as well. Please note that the processing fee for credit/debit has become an unfortunate necessity due to regularly increasing merchant fees.

A SLIDING FEE SCALE is available for out-of-pocket clients, based on personal/family income and circumstance. This is geared toward helping services be affordable and is offered, not only to first-time clients, but to ongoing clients who find themselves unable to continue at the standard rate. Your commitment to the counseling process is very important, and I’ll do my best to help you continue until your primary goals are met.

Note that hypnotherapy is offered as a prepaid, independent service not covered by insurance and not eligible for the standard sliding scale. I’m happy to talk to you about package rates.

Please contact me directly for specification of fees according to your therapy needs.


Whether I’m in-network or out-of-network with your insurance company, I can file claims on your behalf and will contact your company upon your request to clarify what your benefits are. In some cases, out-of-network benefits are very similar to the in-network benefits, allowing us to work together with little cost difference. When they’re not similar, I’m happy to talk to you about my sliding fee scale in order to help services remain affordable (see Private Pay above).

I’m an in-network provider under:

  • All companies with the Medcost care network
  • All companies with the Crescent Healthcare network
  • Optum / United Behavioral Health